Tools for better databases

At Branegy Systems we build software that helps great teams to create great databases.
Our tools focus on easy collaboration, consistency and overall database quality.

What we work on:

DBMaster is an online knowledge management platform for databases. You can add any number of meta-fields for tables, columns and views, and have your team contributing into centralized knowledge base right from a browser. DBMaster helps to capture documentation, define ETL requirements, do reviews and share database structure online.

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01/23DBMaster 1.0 released!
Version 1.0 of DBMaster is now officially released and available for download. New features include: a generic connection manager, a reporting module and the possibility to re-import database updates.
10/07/11DBMaster .394 released
The first version of DBMaster is available for download. We've improved column selection, automated updates and fixed many bugs.
08/13/11Blog design synced
The design of the blog now matches the design of our site. The blog has been migrated from to a self-hosted wordpress site.
08/06/11New site launched
Our site was completely reviewed and redesigned.
We hope you like it!
08/06/11DBMaster .295 released
You can download a free trial from the product page.